Owners/ Management

Rustic Retreats of Big Bear is a boutique property management company founded  in 2014. Our goal is simple: “Treat your home like it’s ours and get you the best return on investment with the best renters.” We strive not only to get you the best renters but to also make sure they enjoy their stay. We treat every guest as if this is their only vacation and do everything we can to make their stay perfect. 



Your home is just as important as our home. While many companies allow renters to book instantly on their website with a click and a credit card, we do not, instead we heavily vet our guests to protect your home by asking a series of questions before they are allowed to book. Renters must prove to us that they deserve to stay at your property and we never rent to parties or anyone under the age of 25. If a potential guest says, “You ask a lot of questions,” then we have done our job.

We are a boutique company and intend to stay that way. While many management companies in Big Bear try to grow as big and fast as possible, we believe this would be a disservice to our owners. We currently have 22 homes and are not looking to go beyond 25 despite a long wait list of people who wish to work with us. Staying small allows us to truly care for your home and vet renters while maximizing your return on investment. We, like you are picky, we only work with fantastic owners who really care about their properties.

We treat your home like it’s our home. We hire the best cleaners in town and have our inspectors check their work for extra quality control. Our professional cleaners know your home inside and out and report if any damage or issues occur. Due to our vetting process, we have rarely had any issues over the 8 years we have been in business.


Marketing Expertise

Yes, making sure your home is clean and taking care of is important but so is proper marketing, especially in now oversaturated Big Bear. We concentrate on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Dynamic Pricing.  This means your home is at the top of AirBnB searches and rents out more frequently while still being above market rates. Instead of using pricing software from a non-local multinational corporation that doesn’t know Big Bear, Mike is up every morning gathering data online and adjusting prices to make sure you get booked for the highest prices possible.

Many companies use pricing sheets to “set it and forget it” that are the same year after year. We realize the market changes constantly and would never use an outdated tactic like a pricing sheet! Compare rates for our properties to other companies and you will see that we often charge more than double their rates while still renting out consistently. We adjust our prices and marketing as needed to ensure you get booked for maximum prices.  



Unlike other management companies, all of your money goes to you first. Your money is deposited directly into your bank account after each guest stay and we then invoice you at the end of the month. We never overcharge or nickel and dime you. If a maintenance person charges $45 to fix your leaky toilet, then we charge you $45 Not  $145 with the $100 as added surcharges as other companies do. We also don’t charge extra management fees on our site. Unfortunately, many companies use this tactic to get more money while earning you nothing except less bookings as it raises your overall price and actually forces renters to look for a more affordable option. 

Most importantly, our percentage is net instead of gross. You get all the money to pay cleaners and you pay your own taxes to the city because we don't take anything from those. If a company claims they have lower percentages, it’s important to understand what that really means. When you get a check from them each month, these companies usually take out all sorts of fees and add extras so you end up paying a significantly higher percentage than you anticipated. That will never happen with us because the money goes to you first and we do not add any extra charges. We strive to have a long term relationship with you and nickel and diming you makes no sense.


Contact Mike at anytime with questions:  mike@rusticretreatsofbigbear.com Text: 818-794-0056


To see our homes that we manage as well as reviews: 

Our Web Site: https://www.rusticretreatsofbigbear.com/

Our AirBnB page:  https://tinyurl.com/RusticRetreatsOfBigBear